Critters and Beasties

Box Turtle Fred - Sue NewmanCurious Grasshopper - Sue NewmanDragonfly - Sue NewmanDragonwing - Sue NewmanDragonfly Eyes - Sue NewmanGarden Spider and Prey - Sue NewmanGrubworm - Sue NewmanOwlet Moth Caterpillar - Sue NewmanViceroy Butterfly - Sue NewmanMonarch Butterfly - Sue NewmanMilkweed Beetle - Sue NewmanBumblebee Echinacea - Sue NewmanBumblebee Daisy - Sue NewmanGreat Golden Digger Wasp - Sue NewmanGreat Blue Heron - Sue NewmanTurtle and Duck - Sue NewmanPond Turtle, Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon - Sue NewmanPond Turtles, Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon - Sue NewmanGoose Barnacles - Sue NewmanLeopard Frog - Sue NewmanTree Frog - Sue NewmanTiny Green Frog - Sue NewmanReaching Mantis - Sue NewmanMantis on Yucca - Sue NewmanMantis - Sue NewmanChrysanthemantis - Sue NewmanPelicans Overhead - Sue Newman
This collection of animal images by Sue is just the beginning of all the wildlife to come!






  1. Christine March 20, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    wonderful images Sue – i love your site.

  2. Patty B July 9, 2013 at 11:14 am #

    Sue, I was so impressed with the ‘private moments’ you captured of some of our tiniest neighbors. Learned about this site from jigsaw planet where a pic of a giraffe by a camper was posted from your site as a puzzle. Love your photography. Will definitely visit again!

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