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Why So Blue, Crater Lake?

Text by Jay Newman (The text originally appeared in the book Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: Nature Calls. I’ve posted it here as a sample of my writing. Images by Jay and Sue Newman.) Here’s the story of an enormous volcano that blew its top, leaving behind one of the most beautiful, otherworldly places on Earth: […]

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The Obsidian on the Side of the Road

The Obsidian on the Side of the Road A Travel Story by Jay Newman Our bumbling tale of barely finding obsidian began in a town called Burns, Oregon, on a chilly Sunday morning in October 2007, the year Sue and I got married. It was the sixth and final day of our long drive home […]

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2011 In Retrospect

2011: The year that Sue and I bought a house! It’s a great feeling, but one of the drawbacks of setting up our new home and office, and having full-time day jobs, is that we did very little photographing. And the money we were going to use to finally buy the beefy lenses and new […]

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It’s All Hallows Eve! Let these graves serve as a reminder that the dead are never far away… Graveyards and cemeteries we’ve wandered through in Oregon and Massachusetts.

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All Moved In

Wow, has it really been six months since we last posted? That’s also how long it’s been since Sue and I have gone out shooting. Wah. But it’s all been worth it, because we went and bought ourselves a house! Our lives are finally getting back to normal (it’s been laborious to say the least), […]

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Ashland has arrived!

We’ve finally added most of our Ashland images to the galleries! Well, some of them. There are thousands more to sort through, but alas, we must put the breaks on building the site for a few months as we prepare to move house to a sunny new spot in our town. Below is an image […]

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Hello 2011! Bring on the frost!

More like frozen fog, really. During the last couple of nights the Rogue Valley has been blanketed with cold, thick fog, and the footprint it leaves on everything it touches is a magical thing to see.  White, spiky frost covers every twig, park bench and blade of grass. Jay and I were fortunate to have […]

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2010 Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Thought we got clouded out for 2010’s winter solstice lunar eclipse…and we pretty much did. But I did get a couple of shots from the backyard when the clouds opened. I wasn’t able to get anything super sharp, so I played with the zoom. Next eclipse we will have better lenses!

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Home on a Rainy Day

We’re vendors of the day today at the Ashland Artisans Emporium! Someone bought a few matted prints from our booth yesterday. Thanks! Sue and I were going to shoot today, try to capture some of this weather. But it’s nasty. And cold. And we have sooooo many hundreds of pictures to go through and get […]

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Ashland Festival of Light

Sue and I ventured to downtown Ashland to shoot the annual holiday Festival of Light celebration. Here’s a brief write-up (to entice any of you magazine editors out there) along with a few of our shots from that glorious November afternoon. ASHLAND FESTIVAL OF LIGHT — The end of fall greets the coming of winter […]

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