At the Oregon/California border

Welcome to the photography of Jay and Sue Newman.

We are Jay and Sue Newman, a couple of “weekend wanderers” from Ashland, Oregon. We enjoy photographing, hiking, writing, gardening, rock-hounding, British comedy, and NATURE!

We’ve traveled the highways, byways, back roads, and trails of southern Oregon and northern California. From mighty Mount Shasta to Crater Lake National Park, from Redwood giants to the Oregon Coast, we can’t get enough of this place and its incredible mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, coastline, flora, fauna, farmland, orchards, wineries, quaint towns, and quirky parades. Ashland is one of the few towns that can out-weird Portland, and it regularly gets mentioned on those “Best Small Towns in America” lists. (Not many other small towns can compete with the world-famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Ashland Independent Film Festival. Our favorite spot is 100-acre Lithia Park.)


Most of our shots are available for licensing for use on websites in brochures, magazines and books. For your home or business, you can purchase prints, greeting cards and other photo products from our Smugmug site.

Sue and Jay are both writers and researchers — we have a slew of article ideas for regional and special interest stories. We’d be happy to put together a proposal. (There are a few writing samples on our blog.)

About Us

Jay moved from Virginia to Oregon in 1996 and started shooting the region soon thereafter. Sue is from Boston, a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art. We met in 2006 on an online photography forum that Jay started. Sue was the first one to join. A few short weeks later, we were engaged and Sue moved out here and married Jay. Nearly ten years later and we’re still having the time of our lives!

In our day jobs, Jay is a writer for “Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader,” and Sue is a gardener. She’s also an accomplished illustrator, sculptor, and builder of marionettes. (The Oddmollusk site is coming soon!)

If you’re in town, check out our booth at the Ashland Artisan Emporium.
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