2011 In Retrospect

2011: The year that Sue and I bought a house! It’s a great feeling, but one of the drawbacks of setting up our new home and office, and having full-time day jobs, is that we did very little photographing. And the money we were going to use to finally buy the beefy lenses and new camera bodies that we so desperately need…well, let’s just say we really love our new washer and dryer! But we did get out there a few times.

And just this morning I got an email from my good friend Annie about photographer Jim Godlstein’s 2011 Blog Project. It’s a great idea: He invites photogs from all over to post their best shots of the previous year on their blog, and then he posts links to all of them on his. What a nice thing to do. And because 2012 is the year we are going to start seriously marketing our work, the timing is great. We’d love for you all to like our new Facebook Fan Page!

So here, in somewhat chronological order, is a bit of the beauty and weirdness that Sue and I saw through our lenses last year…

Lake of the Woods, Oregon - Jay NewmanHoar Frost on Dogwood - Sue NewmanTrees and Snow, Lithia Park - Jay NewmanAshland Creek Dusting - Sue NewmanMt. Shasta with Cloud Skirt, California - Jay NewmanLiving Memorial Sculpture Gardens, California - Sue NewmanView from Roxyann Mountain in Medford, Oregon - Sue NewmanBachelor Button - Sue NewmanCheckered Beetle on Liatris - Jay NewmanLadybug High on Pollen - Sue NewmanGilli High on Catnip - Sue NewmanRoy, the Leg-disabled Alligator Lizard - Jay NewmanAshland Ice Cream Social 1 - Jay NewmanAshland Ice Cream Social 2 - Sue NewmanUpper McCloud Falls, California - Jay NewmanMt. Shasta's Two Friends - Jay NewmanLake Shastina Sunset - Sue NewmanLast Light on Lake Shastina, California - Jay NewmanGoing Green at the Ashland Halloween Parade - Sue NewmanAshland Halloween on the Plaza- Jay NewmanMt. Hood and Lenticular Clouds, Oregon - Jay NewmanTubb Springs, Oregon - Jay NewmanGreensprings Autumn, near Ashland, Oregon - Jay NewmanCows in the Mist 1 - Jay NewmanMisty Traintracks in Our New Neighborhood - Jay NewmanOak and Farm on the Ashland Outskirts - Sue NewmanSheridan Graveyard in Ashland - Jay NewmanHarrier and Hoar Frost in Ashland - Jay NewmanCows in the Mist 2 - Sue Newman

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  1. abrxas January 9, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

    Love your work, guys! Can’t wait to see more!

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