It’s All Hallows Eve! Let these graves serve as a reminder that the dead are never far away…

Graves Gathering, Hingham Cemetery, MA - Sue NewmanAutumn Glow, Jacksonville Cemetery, OR - Jay NewmanRest, Emigrant Lake Graveyard, Ashland, OR - Sue NewmanWinter, Emigrant Lake Graveyard, Ashland, OR - Jay NewmanCrying Angel, Hingham Cemetery, MA - Sue NewmanAbove the Atlantic and below Fort Revere, Hull Cemetery, MA - Jay NewmanHingham Cemetery Zoom, MA - Sue NewmanConfrontation, Hingham Cemetery, MA - Jay NewmanLichen Face, Norwell, MA - Sue NewmanPassing, Scenic Hills Graveyard, Ashland, OR - Jay NewmanWaiting at the Gate, Jacksonville Cemetery, OR - Sue NewmanEqual, Gold Hill Cemetery, OR - Jay NewmanCohasset Cemetery Cross, MA - Sue NewmanAutumn in Ashland Cemetery, OR - Jay NewmanIron and Tree, Scituate, MA - Sue NewmanSheridan Graveyard Overlook, Ashland, OR - Jay NewmanOn a Pedestal, Hingham Cemetery, MA - Sue NewmanCentral Cemetery overlooking Little Harbor, Cohasset, MA - Jay NewmanAfteglow, First Parish Cemetery, Norwell, MA - Sue Newman

Graveyards and cemeteries we’ve wandered through in Oregon and Massachusetts.


  1. Michael Brunsfeld October 31, 2011 at 12:43 am #

    What a wonderful collection

  2. abrxas January 9, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    LOVE this series!

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