Home on a Rainy Day

We’re vendors of the day today at the Ashland Artisans Emporium! Someone bought a few matted prints from our booth yesterday. Thanks!

Sue and I were going to shoot today, try to capture some of this weather. But it’s nasty. And cold. And we have sooooo many hundreds of pictures to go through and get up here in galleries. So we are home in the studio, finishing up our Ashland Events galleries (hopefully). Then onto the Lithia Park¬† pics.

In the mean time, here are a few shots of Ashland’s Ice Cream Social that I worked on this morning…

When will Ice Cream Man get here?Ice Cream Man is on the way!Waiting for ice cream....Yay for ice cream!Is that the famous Zena? Where's the ice cream?Window to ice cream!We just want more ice cream.All hail ice cream!

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